Building a Cyber Security Practice in your MSP

It takes more than great tools to build a new cyber security practice.  The tools are important but so is the right mindset.  Wrapping up my month of conferences, here are my takeaways from the Robin Robins cyber security bootcamp

She used to work for Tony Robbins,  did you know that… isn’t that funny?

Last week I attended a Robin Robins Roadshow with a focus on cyber security.   She gives excellent value to IT service Providers and MSP’s looking for marketing help but she also has some pretty good life and business advice.  Robin said,  “I really beleive that IT providers should make alot of money,  you take on alot of risk and your are agents of good in the world”.  I never really thought of it that way and  I took away three big ideas that I need to implement in my business.   Three things that I think all MSP’s suffer from at one time or another.

Robin Robins

We need to understand who we are selling to and tailor our message

  • Traits of the Buyer
  • The Importance of a Persona
  • Tell Stories that Resonate

We need to believe in the value our offering and not be afraid to charge more for it.

  • We are agents of good in the world
  • We assume tons of risk as entrepreneurs and that should be rewarded
  • New Tools we are delivering and new threats our customers face are driving up all in seat prices (AISP)
  • If you don’t have reasonable customers willing to allow you  profits then dump them

We need to upsell and cross sell into our base

  • We often neglect to sell into our best prospect base – our customers.
  • We need to
  • We need to segment our lists so that we can market directly to the exact people that are most likely to buy.
  • We need to know exactly what our customer have bought and what they have yet to buy.

Some great new vendors to help build your Managed Cyber Security Business

At the Roadshow,  I rekindled some vendor relationships and built some new ones.   There were some great solutions to help you build your managed security practice.

Robin Robins Infusionsoft Offering

Robin Robins has an excellent offering if you are interested in investing in content management and marketing automation platform.  You can buy infusionsoft from them directly but buying directly from Technology Marketing Toolkit gives you some HUGE advantages.

  • You’ll get SEVEN complete and interlocking cyber security campaigns. This will include a website opt-in sequence, a cyber security e-mail drip series, a webinar campaign, cross sell campaigns, a prospecting campaign for NEW clients,
  • You’ll receive a marketing campaign flow chart that gives you an easy, visual blueprint of how every campaign works in Infusionsoft.
  • Short, on-demand videos will show you how to use every key feature in Infusionsoft.

You also get support from Robins team and access to buy new campaigns as they are created.

If you are interested in this solution please contact Robin Robins’ team at the Technology Marketing Toolkit and tell them that I sent you so I can earn a small commission.

WebRoot Active Endpoint Protection

WebRoot – We have used WebRoot for a couple of years now and really like the solution.   Switching from Vipre we have found a marked improvement in the efficacy of WebRoot.   It is a multi-vector endpoint protection product, meaning it protects your end users from much more than traditional AV or Malware products.

RapidFire Tools and the Detector SDS

RapidFire Tools has been making great assessment tools for quite some time.  They are a staple in the industry for doing pre-sales assessments or “free network audits”.  Their new product called the Detector SDS (Service Delivery System) gives you the tools you need to configure, sell and deliver your own branded internal cyber security services — across your entire client base.   If you want to look at their toolsets you can find all of their products on their website at

KnowBe4 – User Awareness Security Training

I have been on the KnowBe4 platform for over a year,  it is a security training company that specializes in testing and training users from the dangers of phishing, vishing, and other social engineering issues.

They offer a few different levels of subscription that they sell to the public as well as the reseller base (discounted).   Groups like ASCII have group discounts available for their membership.

You can find all the details about KnowBe4 on their website at

For information on avoiding Hurricane Harvey scams and the best ways to donate, check out this NYT article at


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