Terry Rossi

For MSP's from an MSP

We have built our technology business from the ground up with an eye to scale it and built a sustainable practice.   Having spent a good portion of our business trading dollars for hours, we knew there had to be a better way.   I will work with you to share the lessons I have learned from 20 plus years of running the business.


I have always and still do work with coaches to help our company grow.  Sales coaches, marketing coaches, ceo coaches.   I want to blend all that great information I have learned and couple it with information from really running a company since 1995.


Our company is comprised of over 20 people roughly split right down the middle.  Half of the company works in our Enterprise Software division and the other half of the company is our regional MSP which we started in 2008.  This gives me some unique perspective as we compare the differences between the two divisions and how they operate.   We have “company” software and maintenance sales, hardware and software resale, time and material services for the “company” software and flat fee managed services for the MSP.   We also do a bunch of managed security, managed backup and cloud services resale.   We will talk about leveraging these in your business.


Listen in and tell me what you need,  I would love to help you solve specific problems you are having in your business.




The Full Gamut

Hiring, Firing, Sales, Marketing, Products, Pricing, HR and Investments.  We will touch on all these topics in the IT Provider Network.   When I started 25 years ago,  I knew unix and windows,  I knew nothing about everything it takes to run a business.  There is a ton to know and I want to help you build and grow your business by taking advantage of the lessons I have learned and the successes I have had.

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