Make the first 90 days successful for you and your new employee

As soon as the offer is accepted.


  • Get the Offer Letter Signed and start any pre-employment tasks
  • Get a Voided Check for Direct Deposit
  • If in the US get the w4 and i9 paperwork out of the way
  • Order a pre-employee drug and background test
  • Order any needed hardware and licenses for the new employee
  • Have your plan together for where and what hours they will work

In the days before the start date

  • Set the new Employee up on all your systems
  • Assign a buddy to the new hire and have that buddy reach out with contact information as soon as possible
  • Send out a “Welcome Aboard” email to the staff
  • Arrange for a Friday Afternoon visit before the start date to meet the team
  • Set up the outlook contact list with helpful aliases and phone numbers
  • Add the new hire to any recurring huddles and meetings so that it is already on the calendar.
  • Have any swag or uniforms ready
  • Get any insurance or Company Vehicles lined up
  • Schedule “onboarding” meetings with team members to spread the load and build relationships
    • The Perfect Service Ticket
    • The PTO Process
    • VoiceMail Setup and Phone Training
    • Org Chart Review and insider information on the company
  • Print out helpful information for the new person
    • Phone Lists
    • Company Holidays
    • Employee Manual
    • Helpful URL’s
    • Company Acronyms



Avoid “Radio Silence”  – keep in communication with your new hire.

First Impressions Count – get new equipment if you can

Add them to the “staff” or all hands email alias so they have your announcement email in their inbox on day 1

Program the welcome message into your digital signage or welcome sign

Try to get them working on any online coursework BEFORE their start date



On the First Day

  • Make sure the workspace is ready to go and arrive early before the new hire.
  • If possible by the team lunch and encourage a group lunch
  • Put their name on the welcome board
  • Walk them through the office and re-introduce them to everyone
  • Have 80% of their day planned out and a goal for the 1st day or week
  • Share Company Stories especially ones that highlight core values
  • Have all passwords and accounts written down for them




Slow Down – everything you know about your company and service doesn’t need to come out on day one.

Listen – let them talk and really listen

If possible bring them into the office even if they are going to be a remote employee

Have them work with your “A” players first – first impressions count

Share something personal (not too personal) with them to start building rapport


First 90 days



What they should be able to do

  • By 30 days

    • Learn the tools
    • Become Familiar with the Culture
    • Complete at least one small independent project or be working service tickets
    • Achieve a small goal
  • By 60 Days

    • Complete a bigger Project or be able to support the customer base.
    • Take on some longer term responsibilities – measure with your metrics
    • Become fully engaged in the company rhythms – huddles, meetings and metrics
  • By 90 Days

    • Be able to fully handle the jobs responsibilities with minimal supervision


What you need to do


  • Don’t forget to keep it fun – pay special attention to this if the employee is remote.
  • Lay out goals for them  daily, weekly and for the 1st 90 days – remember this is the “probation period”
  • Check in daily and assess the goal progression
  • Force them to use your systems – change is hard but habits can be changed in about three weeks.
  • Take note of their promptness or tardiness.   Use this for discussion during their 90 day review.
  • Start the Baptisim by Fire and see if they sink or swim
  • Have a review meeting around the 90 day mark.



If you spot a problem deal with it right away

Don’t be afraid to fail fast – if you made a hiring mistake invite them to be successful somewhere else right away

Keep an eye on the culture fit.  If you somehow have hired a cancer in your organization you need to fire fast.

Don’t forget to reward good performance – a pat on the back from the boss is a huge motivator and signal to the new hire that they haven’t made a mistake.


I hope this three part series on hiring has been helpful. If you haven’t heard parts 1 and 2 you can find them here:

Hiring Process and Tools to find great talent – ITPN EP090

Hiring Testing and Interviewing for great hires ITPN -EP010

I am going to combine all the good bits from Episode 9,10 and 11 along with a couple of my job descriptions, job advertisements, offer letter sample and onboarding template into a guidebook for hiring any make it available to folks that have subscribed to the IT Provider Network mailing list.  You can get on the email list at

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