In this episode of the IT Provider Network, I am going to share with you some of my observations from conferences I have just attended and show you how you can get free marketing assistance from your partners.

ASCII Summit


I attended the 2017 ASCII summit for NY and NY a couple of weeks ago.   It was great to connect with the ASCII leadership team, the vendors and my peers in New Brunswick.   ASCII is the oldest and largest group of independent IT solution providers, integrators, and VARS in the world.  Founded in 1984 by a really interesting guy named Alan Weinberger.  They cater to IT professionals by providing the following benefits:

Purchasing Discounts

  • Better pricing for Distribution –  2% to 15% additional discounts
  • E&O Professional Liability Insurance – Group purchasing power equals more value for the money

Free Marketing Assistance

  • Done for you eNewsletter – they design and deliver a monthly newsletter for you.
  • Done for you social media service – postings to Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In on your behalf


  • Large Membership since 1984
  • Network of Peers for out of town clients
  • One off purchasing without authorizations through other members with authorization


Industry Advocacy and Group Buys

  • Work with Manufacturers and Distributors to resolve issues
  • Initiate Group Buys for ASCII Members

XChange 2017

Hosted Conference by The Channel Company is different in that you are paired up with your peers in boardrooms.   12 MSP’s or solution providers are pitched in 25-minute sessions by qualified vendors that are paying for the conference.  I was in the Mid Market 2 group with a great bunch of people.   From the board rooms and the keynotes, this was some of the most important take aways to help you build, grown and scale your business.

Wno Makes up the xChange audience?

Observations and Offerings


  • Free Marketing Assistance
  • MarketNow offering – private label MindMatrix
  • Done for You Webinars
  • Datto Partner Portal



  • Cloud Managed Wireless
  • 100% Channel Focused – Great Partner Program
  • New Wall Plate Access Point and Switch
  • WAAS offering through Synnex
  • Partner Program Information

David Russell – Manage To Win

Certified LEADER Program  – Leadership Training

Gary Pica – TruMethods

Formula Won Program

What you should do right away

  • If you are a Datto partner,  sign up for MarketNow and drive traffic to your business
  • If you are not working with a coach, get one!  It’s like having a non-voting board of directors
  • Check out AeroHive and the viability of starting a “Wireless as a Service” offering in your company.
  • If you want to get more out of conferencing, check out this free course from Michael O’Neal of the Solopreneur Hour called Conferencetopia

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