In this episode of the IT Provider Network Podcast, I want to share some great listener feedback and do some Q&A for our listeners.

We’re going to talk about

  • Selling into prospects that have an embedded long-term IT person
  • Implementing Connectwise Manage and some outside services
  • Renting or Buying Office Space
  • Pros and Cons of providing company vehicles
  • How do I handle Certs and Training


Special Thanks to the following for their feedback and questions

William Burham Singularity Solutions

JD Keith Technology Solutions

Wayne Brockwell Brockwell and Fite

Rich Welch Spark Tech LLC

Show Links

The Datto Recovery Time and Downtime Calculator

IT Glue’s Waste Calculator – Calculates wasted productivity due to poor documentation

Stack Advisors – Connectwise Automate and Manage Consultants

ProVal Tech – Connectwise Automate and Manage Consultants

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